Water Damage Puyallup WA



waterdamagetacomaDid you know that water damage can be happening in your Puyallup, WA home without your knowledge? Water can be slowly leaking out of a burst pipe that is behind a wall. Regular inspection of your pipes is important to prevent this damage.

If you wait until the leakage becomes visible, you might have to face structural damage, a significant mold problem, and the cost of water damage repair services (including carpet restoration).

Water can also cause damage because of visible occurrences like an overflowing toilet or a faucet that was left running. In all these cases, it is important to know the kind of water damage repair services (including carpet restoration) that needs to be applied.

The damage can be caused by water coming from a source that is clean, slightly contaminated or very dirty. These 3 types of water contamination are commonly referred to as level 1, level 2 and level 3.



Level 1 contamination occurs when the affected area is exposed to water that is clean or comes from a sanitary source. This can be a burst pipe or a leak in your roof that is letting in rain water to your Puyallup home.

This is the easiest form of contamination to deal with. However, water damage repair services (including carpet restoration) experts can also be hired in order to ensure that the area is properly cleaned and dried. If proper cleaning and drying is not done, mold and fungus may begin to grow.

Level 2 water is gray water that has been slightly contaminated. This is the kind of water that contains toxins and can cause stomach upsets and sickness if it is ingested. A good example is if the toilet water overflows or your washing machine encounters a failure that causes flooding.

This kind of water is considered harmful because of the microbes present. If you want to clean up water coming from a level2 source then make sure you have protective clothing like glove. However, it is best to call a water damage repair services (including carpet restoration) expert in Puyallup to be guaranteed of thorough cleaning and safety.

The most dangerous form of damage occurs from level3 water or what is commonly regarded as black water. The most common example of black water is sewage water. This kind of water contains chemicals, bacteria and microbes that can be extremely harmful to your health. This type of damage needs to be handled by a qualified water damage repair services (including carpet restoration) professional. A water restoration company in Puyallup will have the proper equipment to restore your home after this type of damage.


interior of the house flooded with water. 3d illustration

The end result is a complete elimination of the moisture soaked up in the carpet. The best companies in Puyallup are able to offer effective carpet restoration services.

Before the water damage repair services (including carpet restoration) experts arrive you can move the items around your house to a place where they allow free circulation of air in the flooded area. This allows the carpet to start drying up before application of skilled manpower and use of proper equipment in order to achieve better results.